St. Joseph Catholic Church

RCIA Mentors

The mentor is a guide and example to an individual seeking to become Catholic either thru baptism or for those from another Christian religious tradition, making a profession of faith. The mentor helps the individual understand how we live and practice our faith. You will work one-on-one with someone who has expressed an interest in becoming Catholic at our Parish. Be a guide to the faith, share your knowledge of the sacraments, prayer, devotions, help them find ways to become involved in our parish community and how to live like a Catholic. Kind of like providing on the job training!

Time Commitment: Varies – with some contact weekly (phone call, text, visit, coffee break to attending some meetings together)

Understanding of the Catholic Faith: Average


For more information about being a mentor, or if interested in serving as a mentor, please contact:

Dc. David French

RCIA Coordinator


501-327-6568 x 1110