St. Joseph Catholic Church

Synod Information

What is the Synod on SynodalityA synod is a meeting, an assembly of the clergy and sometimes also the laity in a diocese or other division of a particular Church. The Pope has invited everyone to share their faith journey experience. Everyone's input is welcome as the Catholic Church listens and reflects on the experiences and concerns of its members. We will be holding 4 listening sessions - 2 in English and 2 in Spanish. Please come share your experiences. English sessions: February 1 at 7pm and February 6th at 9am. Spanish sessions: Febraury 6th at 2pm and February 8th at 7pm. All listening session in the Spiritan Center.

Online Questionaire: English/Españolla opción para el cuestionario en español se encuentra en la esquina superior derecha del formulario  

Link to Diocese of Little Rock Synod Website: Journeying Together: Synod 2022-2023